Coaches Corner

Coach Pointers

Some things for coaches to keep in mind:

    • Have fun!

    • Keep winning and losing in perspective.

    • Stress the players' appreciation of the game or activity.

    • Allow players or participants to try a variety of positions or events.

    • Utilize safe techniques and proper methods of play.

    • Supervise and control players to avoid injury and conflict.

    • Strive to maintain integrity within the sport.

    • Know, understand and follow all the rules and policies set forth by clubs, leagues, state and national associations. Remember, the coach has final responsibility for the team and players.

    • Encourage moral and social responsibility in players.

    • Allow players to have fun, and give them positive feedback.

    • Require a parents-only meeting at the beginning of each season and encourage attendance and positive participation. Be sure parents understand your philosophy and rules, and that everyone is sending a consistent message to the players.