2015-16 LYSA Cheerleading Board of Directors
                                         Phone:  205-1907

Commissioner:                                                   Patti Steiner 
Asst. Commissioner/Competition Team:           Heather Cipully
Asst. Commissioner/Game Team:
                     Lisa Jones
Treasurer:                                                         Irene Ferrantino 
Team Mom Coordinator:                                    Stacy Gallina 
Quartermaster                                                   Tara Rosa

                                               FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for CHEERLEADING:

Q: How old do you need to be for participation?
A: Between the Ages of 5 - 14
Q: How long is the season?
A: Mid-July - Late-November
Q: Where are practices held?
A: Game team - Longwood Jr. High School, Longwood Road, Middle Island
     Competition Team - Longwood Middle Scool, Longwood Road, Middle Island
Q: How often are practices?
A: Generally twice a week, between 6:00 - 8:00PM, however, it will be determined by the respective coaches
Q: Whom do they cheer for?
A: The LYSA football teams of the same ages as the squad
Q: When do the games start?
A: In September
Q: Where are the home games played?
A: All home games take place at the Longwood Jr. High School, Longwood Road, Middle Island
Q: What time are the games played?
A: The times will vary based on the PAL football schedule
Q: Where are the away games played?
A: Anywhere in Suffolk County
Q: Is transportation provided?
A: NO, parents or guardians are responsible for getting your children to practice & games
Q: What days are the games played?
A: Generally on Sunday, but there will be an occassional Saturday or Friday night game
Q: Does my child need to tryout for Game Team Squads?
A: NO, once you register you are automatically on a game team
Q: Does it matter if my child does not have any experience?
A: NO, teams are divided by age, not ability. There will be both experienced and inexperienced cheerleaders on each team.
Q: Can my child go out for the Competition Team?
A: YES, but for these teams they must try out. We take 2 teams to competition. They will be chosen by their cheering and stunting abilities, gymnastics, leadership and dedication to their game team.
Q: Do we get to keep the uniform?
A: NO, we provide the uniforms but they must be returned at the end of the season.

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